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 Nasty Neighbors No Picnic for Celebrity

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عضو جديد
عضو جديد

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تاريخ التسجيل : 09/05/2011

مُساهمةموضوع: Nasty Neighbors No Picnic for Celebrity   الإثنين مايو 09, 2011 3:56 pm

الجزء الاخير من لعبه جيران من الجحيم

Caroline, a glamorous rich bubble-headed blonde who is a TV show anchor, likes giving parties at her home and does not care about the noise and litter her guests produce. The game protagonist, a special effects engineer and the blonde’s neighbor, cannot stand it anymore when the guests not only littered his yard but also destroyed his makeshift special effects generator. The protagonist has good reasons for his pranks and his main goal is not just making fun but teach the antagonist good manners and make her respect others’ private property. The engineer is also filming series of all his pranks and shows it on his web page. Eventually it turns into a real web-show with loyal fans who can rate each prank episode.
For the first time a glamorous blonde plays a main role in the famous game series!
More than 30 original ways to goad the neighbor into a fury;
Your decisions will affect gameplay;
Excellent graphics and sound;
Friendly and intuitive interface;
Use your imagination and turn your neighbor’s life into hell!
System Requirements
Windows XP (SP1/Vista/7)
Pentium 2400 MHz/Athlon XP 4500+
RAM 512 Mb
128 Mb Video card
DirectX 9.0C+
HD 3000 Mb

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eslam alsaher

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Nasty Neighbors No Picnic for Celebrity
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